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iPlunger - Mini Phone Stand

iPlunger - Mini Phone Stand

Prijs: € 5,99
Taal: FR/EN
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So it's official, plungers can be used for other purposes besides unclogging sinks and baths...! As well as being super cute, this mini version acts as an ingenious stand for gadgets and gizmos!  Simply suction it to the back of your device - it works brilliantly with mobiles, digital cameras, MP3 players etc -  balance it on a flat surface and away you go! The iPlunger is an ingenious solution for watching video footage, taking steady pictures or listening to music without having to clutch onto your gadget throughout. Made from wood and rubber, the iPlunger is the mirror image of its full-size cousin - only much, much dinkier of course! Measuring in at just under two inches in length and just over one inch in width, it's so small you can virtually take it anywhere with you - just pop it in your bag or pocket! Works horizontally and vertically.

  • Mini replica plunger
  • Simple but effective phone stand. Can also be used with other handheld devices
  • Eye-catching and unusual
  • Works horizontally and vertically
  • A great gift for the iPhone fanatic!