Bitdefender Iris


Prijs: € 34,99
Taal: NL/FR/EN
verwittig mij als er terug voorrraad is.
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- Gratis levering vanaf 60 euro
- levering in 4 tot 7 dagen

Avitron KidZ ready to fly, with launcher and USB cable.

It is specifically designed to be used by children.
Fully automated, just launch it into the sky and watch it fly! Once in the air, he flaps, just as well his eldest brother Avitron V2.0 and reproduces mechanics. After a set time, the wingsstop and he goes back to the ground. 100% of successful flights!

  • Use the rubber band launcher included, hang the rubber band up to the hook located under the bird body, then pull gently on it (about 20 cm) aiming up (at least 45°from horizon). Then throw the bird like with a slingshot. (see picture 5)

    * Once in the air, at the top of its trajectory, the wings will star to flap automatically, and
    the bird will fly like a real bird during the preset time.

  • What is supplied in the box?
    • Your Avitron, assembled , and ready to fly
    • One launcher
    • One USB cord
    • One aluminium tape for flight balance
    • One user manuel